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“For homebuilders, we provide internet via LTE and 5G on the fringe of development where there is no internet for the sales and construction offices because there’s no hard infrastructure yet and there usually isn’t real good cell service. The device we put together lets us take that weak cell signal and turn it into something that’s very effective. This is our first time at BIS. We got brought in by one of our customers, Trumark Homes, and it’s been incredible. We will absolutely be back.”

Bryan Gifford, Momentum Telecom

“We come to BIS every year. The builders are so busy now, we hear, ‘I just don’t have time to have lunch,’ but most of them won’t miss BIS, so even if you just bump into them on the way, there’s nothing like meeting in person. Also, we’re able to network with all the other vendors and subs and get information on all the who you want to meet and what’s coming up.”

Lettie Buckman, Trilogy Plumbing Inc.

“We’ve been coming to BIS for maybe 15 years, at least 10, because it’s been good for us. Our systems are serviced from the outside, and we had never heard of the word contact-less until COVID came along. Now people want pest control done, but they don’t want anyone coming in the house, which we can do – that’s something we’re sharing here with our builder partners, and it’s very, very good attendance.”

Deborah Silver, Home Team Pest Defense

“We serve as a back-up lender to a lot of large builders, for when a buyer can’t fit in to the programs their preferred lenders offer. We’ve been at BIS for the last three years, and this year started great with the kick-off party with Sammy Hagar at the House of Blues, where we saw everyone, and we’re looking forward to Meet the Builder.”

Chris Hopkins, Great Western Home Loans